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Halyard Health Exam Glove


Halyard Health Gloves, X-Large, Smooth Finish, 90/bx

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Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves

For low-risk situations, choose our economical, clear Halyard Health Synthetic Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves, or select the preferred fit and feel of our white Halyard Health Synthetic Plus Vinyl Exam Gloves.

Functional Benefits
  • Polymer coating improves donning
  • Ambidextrous for use across a variety of glove applications
Clinical Specifications
  • Natural rubber latex-free – safe for use by latex-sensitive individuals
  • Powder-free, minimizing the potential for powder-related complications, such as irritant contact dermatitis
Quality Standards
  • Meets or Exceeds current ASTM D 5250 standard for critical defects (AQL-2.5); AQL for critical defects is 1.5